Your guide to finding a perfect makeup remover
Here we’ll explain the different kinds of makeup removers and help you choose one that's right for you.
Firstly, it is crucial to note that makeup remover should not be used as a substitute for cleansing.

If you wear makeup or sunscreen, it is necessary to remove them with a special product and then wash off the residue of that product and impurities with your regular cleansing product.

So how do you choose an ideal makeup remover? Let's check out the options.
Hydrophilic Cleansing Products
This is a must-have product if you regularly use sunscreen and wear thick makeup that is hard to wash off with regular cleansers. They come in the form of a balm or liquid oil, and you can choose the option that is more to your liking.

These products are easy to use. Apply them with hands to dry skin, add a little water to emulsify (turn from oil to emulsion), massage, and rinse. Hydrophilic products are suitable for all skin types, as they gently dissolve cosmetics and sebum without scrubbing.
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Micellar Water
This is another easy-to-use product. You only need to apply it to a cotton pad and wash off your makeup. Micellar water is great if you don't wear very thick makeup.

Don't forget to rinse off micellar water because it contains surfactants that may irritate the skin with prolonged exposure.
Bi-phase Makeup Remover
These are the products consisting of an oil and water base, which mix only when you shake the bottle. Such products are convenient when you do not put on full makeup but only apply mascara and eye shadows. They are irreplaceable for fans of waterproof mascaras and pencils.

To remove makeup, shake a bottle with a bi-phase product and apply it on a cotton pad.
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Cleansing Milk
This is an ideal choice for dry and dehydrated skin.

If you have dry or dehydrated skin, this product is a great option for removing makeup without causing excessive dryness. To use this product, apply it on dry skin and then add water. Massage it in and rinse it off. Alternatively, you can use a hot water-moistened towel to remove it. The second option is suitable for those who do not have very sensitive skin and those who want to slightly exfoliate the skin.
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