Does face yoga really work?

Nowadays, many Youtube and Instagram bloggers name face yoga as one of their top beauty secrets. But does face yoga really work, and what does science say about it?

How does face yoga work?

Many people still think that skin is the only thing that ages and believe it is the only thing that should be treated to reduce wrinkles and achieve a glow.⁣ But is that the case?⁣ The truth is that the skin is not the only thing on your face that ages.⁣

Behind your skin, there is a complex structure made of different layers: facial muscles, fat, and bones. These layers affect how you are going to look and age. ⁣

Face yoga is said to be a great way to target one of the main reasons for looking older - sagging muscles. By keeping the facial muscles toned and strong, face yoga helps maintain volume in the cheeks and reduces sagging skin and wrinkles.
does face yoga work
There are many before and after pictures on the Internet that show the difference face yoga can make. But what are the proofs that these stunning transformations happened because of regular face yoga practice? What if these results are just a coincidence?

Does face yoga really work? Here's what the science says

In 2018 a group of scientists from Northwestern University conducted a study on how face yoga exercises influenced the appearance of middle-aged women. The research involved a group of women aged between 40 and 65 who had two face-to-face training sessions with facial exercise experts. Training sessions with the instructor were followed by daily 30-minute exercise sessions performed at home for eight weeks. Between weeks 8 and 20, they did the exercises periodically for 30 minutes.

The participants of the study did 32 exercises targeted at different face areas (eyelids, cheeks, jawline, etc.) All the exercises were developed and approved by Gary Sikorski, founder of the Happy Face Yoga studio.

Photos were used to measure change, and dermatologists assessed them with no knowledge of the participants and the essence of the study. At the beginning, middle, and end of the study, dermatologists rated 19 features on each face using a standardized facial aging scale.

face yoga scientific research
An evaluation of before and after photographs by dermatologists estimated that the average participant lost almost three years of her age.

What’s more, a significant change in upper and lower cheek volume was seen throughout the study, with the cheeks appearing fuller and rounder.

face yoga results
On top of that, the participants themselves said they were satisfied with the results and the changes in their appearance.

Among the benefits of face exercises is that they tone facial muscles and keep fat evenly distributed on the face, says Dr. Suzanne Olbricht, an associate professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School. However, she says the benefits would likely be subtle.

Despite the results of the research looking impressive, further studies are required to conclude that face yoga does work. However, it looks rather promising that we can look younger without costly invasive procedures simply by toning our faces.

And as face yoga is a popular modern trend, it certainly draws scientific interest, and more research is yet to come.

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Face yoga effects on mental health

Face yoga practitioners claim that face yoga helps not only lift facial muscles and reduce wrinkle appearance. To their mind, facial exercises can benefit their mental health as well. And this is actually backed by scientific research. A Japanese study examined the effect of facial exercises on the mental health of elderly adults and concluded that face yoga helped to improve:

  • the sleep quality
  • the mood of the participants
  • the ability to focus

Plus, facial exercises helped the participants calm down.

face yoga results
As you see, adding face yoga to your daily routine can benefit not only your appearance but also your mental state.

So, does face yoga work? The takeaway

Face yoga can become a worthy addition to your skincare routine and an effective tool for toning your facial muscles and achieving healthy glowing skin.

Especially when combined with a decent physical activity level, proper skin care, and healthy eating habits, face yoga can make a really noticeable difference.

Although there's not enough evidence about the long-term face yoga effects, many face yoga practitioners share impressive results online.
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